Wellness Trips at Central

Central Thailand is mainly plains and is a huge area of rice farming and agriculture. The Chao Phraya River is very important to Thailand’s history. Interesting places to visit are ancient historical temples, Bang Pa-in Royal Palace, Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center and Historical Park in Ayutthaya Province, and Ko Kret in Nonthaburi Province.  If you would like to experience the authentic Thai way of life and culture, Ratchaburi and Samut Songkram are the good places for you to explore - there are plenty of orchards, vegetable farms and canals for you to enjoy the countryside of Thailand. And if you like shopping, there are plenty of local markets in Bangkok for you to explore such as Chatuchak Weekend Market, Tha Phra Chan Market, Sampheng, Pahurat and other night markets or luxury department stores around towns. There are also boat tours from Bangkok to Ayutthaya and near by areas as well.