Wellness tourism thrives within a booming global wellness economy

Wellness tourism thrives within a booming global wellness economy

Wellness tourism thrives within a booming global wellness economy

The global wellness economy now represents more than 5% of global economic output and is almost half of the size of all global health expenditures. While the global economy overall shrank by -3.6%, the global wellness economy grew by 10.6% in 2017.

The focus has clearly shifted from managing or curing disease to a focus on the prevention of disease. This is great news for wellness of people and the planet.

Wellness tourism is far more than spas and massages, it is now valued at US$563Billion with benefits directly supporting the local communities and contributing to the economic growth and development of the country.

I am delighted to share one of the wellness initiatives that I have been working on, in my role as Health and Wellness Expert Advisor for Wellness Travel Thailand (WTT) to develop their wellness-focused travel packages to Thailand.

Wellness Travel Thailand Packages have been designed based on evidence-based principles of wellness, which are the fundamental foundations of The ASWA strategic and sustainable wellness approach and education programs.

The vision of Belle Bhunthanapisut, CEO of WTT, was that her company’s wellness travel packages would support the health and wellness goals of individuals, couples and small groups, when they travel for personal or professional development purposes – combined with authentic Thai traditions, diversity, service and culture.

Belle is passionate about providing memorable luxury wellness travel experiences of Thailand. She combines her Thai heritage and more than two decades of in-depth experience of luxury hospitality, travel and wellness experience, including spas, fitness, sports and health clubs, to bring authentic wellness experiences in Thailand.

Belle and myself have been collaborating with a number of health retreat properties to curate wellness travel experiences that meet these quality inclusions and outcomes for our valued wellness travellers:

  • Affordableand fun holiday that supports your wellness;
  • Five starservice standards;
  • 7 to 14 nightwellness travel packages to idyllic locations in Thailand;
  • Retreat programs based on the principles of wellness – nutrition, exercise, sleep, resilience, mindfulness;
  • All accommodation, transfers and most meals included;
  • Authentic Thai traditions, rituals andceremonies;
  • Connect to the local culture and nature;
  • Create lasting memories;
  • Flexibility to include great shopping, cuisine, tours and other options that Thailand has to offer;
  • Adds value to your life and wellness journey.

For centuries, Thais have used rituals and ceremonies aimed at honouring the body and mind and restoring the body’s natural healing properties by using the elements of nature. These traditional rituals and ceremonies are essential components of WTT’s travel experiences.

Having spent my childhood in Papua New Guinea and lived and worked in Thailand, I have a deep respect for diverse and inclusive workplaces and communities, authentic healing traditions and culture.

As one of ASWA’s preferred travel partners, WTT offers exclusive benefits for ASWA students. Our students and corporate customers develop wellness skills with ASWA’s sustainable wellness approach, framework, training and mentoring support. WTT’s travel packages further support health and wellbeing in an educational and experiential luxury holiday format.

This exciting partnership announcement comes on the back of my appointment as a Board Advisor for the Spa and Wellness Association of Africa (SWAA), to oversee and facilitate their next generation of wellness education programs. Africa is the fastest growing spa and wellness destination in the world. Africa has a lot to offer the world globally in the wellness and spa area and it is integral that a high standard of education is initiated early in growth phase and becomes the benchmark. You can read more about it HERE 

The continued rapid growth of the wellness industry shows no sign of slowing down. This has resulted in a major undersupply of professionals that possess the three fundamental skill sets that have been identified as highly sought after by leading employers: wellness, leadership and sustainability.

ASWA’s partnerships with the likes of WTT and SWAA present a plethora of global opportunities for ASWA graduates of the bespoke one-year online flexible Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program.

The strategic and sustainable approach to wellness

The Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy provides a strategic, flexible, scaleable and sustainable approach to educate, empower and enable individuals and businesses to thrive at their personal and professional best.