VITALLIFE-Weber Laser Therapy

Our Vitallife doctors are specialists in the safe and effective use of Weber lasers and can create a customized treatment plan for your health concerns.

Weber Laser Therapy
Are you looking for an innovative non-drug therapy to enhance healing from chronic diseases, relieve pain, strengthen the immune system, or increase your athletic performance? Weber Laser Therapy might be the answer.

Weber Laser Therapy allows us to treat many conditions using the healing effects of light and acupuncture. Combining laser lights of varying frequencies and colors makes it possible to penetrate into damaged tissue and increase successful treatment outcomes.

Program details
Weber Laser Therapy can be administered via multiple routes:

• Intravenous. A very thin fiber optic cable is introduced into the elbow vein so that the laser light can directly irradiate all of the cells within your bloodstream as they circulate through the body. This is a simple and comfortable process. Patients can relax during treatment with no downtime and virtually no negative side effects.

• Intra-articular. Laser catheters can be introduced directly into a joint, allowing the healing light energy to reduce inflammation and to reduce inflammation. This procedure can be combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or Stem Cell Therapy.

• Interstitial. Laser energy can be directed into the soft tissues of the body via tiny fiber optic cables that are painlessly inserted under the skin. With this treatment, patients can expect dramatic improvement in back pain and other musculoskeletal ailments.

• Acupuncture. Unlike standard acupuncture, laser acupuncture does not involve needles. Using tiny electrodes that adhere to the skin, healing laser energy can be directed to acupuncture points without penetrating the skin.


• Improved blood flow and reduces blood pressure.
• Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.
• Improved quality of sleep and energy.
• Strengthened immune system.
• Improved body and cognitive performance.
• Decreased risk of metabolic disorders.
• Improved bone and joint health.
• Faster recovery from jet lag.

Weber Laser Therapy is a revolutionary technology that leads to a general energizing, immune-enhancing and metabolic optimization. Healing laser light is delivered directly into injured joints and tissues, leading to rapid recovery.

CategoryProgram NamePrice (THB)
WeberWeber IV Laser4,000
WeberWeber IV Laser 1 of 103,200

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