Rejuvenate IV Treatments

Vitallife Wellness Center provides an attractive array of facials, anti-aging treatments that are uniquely combined with dietary supplements and nutrients to fit each individuals special requirement.

This fresh approach brings renewed youth to your appearance and its a great part of your overall Anti-aging regime.

Refreshment Booster
To protect your cells from free radicals that will improve immune system and detoxification.

Clarifying Solution
The solution can be a safe chelator to reduce heavy toxic metals level. So it cleanses the body of from metals and toxins responsible for heart disease and free radical production.

Energy Booster
Its helping your body take energy more effectively and efficiency. All of these injections can induce metabolism as well.

Myer's Cocktail
It helps promote micronutrients in your body which are essential to your overall health. Its health benefits also include boosting your energy and vitality for your perfect health.

Procedure for IV Treatment: It takes about 40-60 minutes for each time and each type of treatment.

CategoryProgram NamePrice (THB)
IV Treatment Energy Booster IV Treatment6,700
IV Treatment Refreshment Booster IV Treatment5,700
IV Treatment Myer's Cocktail6,700

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