The Miracle of Meditation


In Thailand, the majority of people are Buddhist. Buddhism has been in Thailand for a long time and is believed to have come to Thailand as early as 250 BCE, in the time of Indian Emperor King Ashoka. He sent the monks to disseminate Buddhism in the region that includes the country like Thailand, Loa, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam are located now. Since then, Buddhism has played a significant role in Thai culture and society and has been intertwined with Thai monarchy from the past to the present. There are lots of temples over the Kingdom to preserve and keep Buddhism existent by monks who study and practice the Buddhism philosophy and play the big role in the ceremony and teaching Buddhism in Thailand.

Meditation is varied in each religion or belief, but in Thailand, it is related to Buddhism that had been practiced and led by the Buddha, it is believed that Meditation is the way to find peace and wisdom. Monks in Buddhism who are strict practice and do meditation regularly will get high respect from people and believe that those monks are real disciple of Buddha, who have dedicated their lives to accomplish the mission of Buddhism. The important part of Meditation in Buddhism are “Mind” and “Consciousness”, which are the keys to open the light of life and bring the greatest of wisdom, peace, and happiness. The meaning of Meditation has in many ways such as “concentration”, “ strength spirit”, “spirit encouragement, “spirit bravery” etc.

As recently world big news of 12 boys and a coach trapped in cave in Chiang Rai province, northern of Thailand. They could survive in the cave even without any food, just drank only water that drips from the rock of the cave wall. People were all wondering how these boys could survive for 10 days and still in good condition, could speak, could walk and had consciousness. This is so amazing!!! And more amazing when people knew that they did meditate that coach taught them to reduce anxiety, hungriness and save energy while waiting for rescue. That is the way of encouraging them to be strong both mind and body until they were found and rescued from the cave safety.

From the study of Dr.Herbert Benson from Harward university who found the theory of “Relaxation Response” based on the core practice of Yoga and Meditation. He has been in studying and experiment for more than 40 years and found the good result and lots of benefit from studying. His studies show that meditation can promote better health. People who meditate regularly will enjoy lower stress level, reducing blood pressure level, lower heart rate, increasing mind strength, using less oxygen, less stress, more relax, and improve well-being. It shows that meditation is science that can prove and everyone can practice.

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There are more people interest and practice meditation around the world these days. As we are in the busy world facing many problems, getting stress from work and life, everyone wants to find the way to make them happier. Meditation may another way for you to reduce those problems and meet happiness and peaceful.

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