Thai Spa experiences

The Thai spa experience brings together a range of indigenous resources, folk wisdom and traditions that have been handed down through the centuries. It captures the very essence of traditional Thai living. Spa operators delve into this ancient treasure trove creating exceptional spa products whose alluring dimensions of tropical paradise enrich the spa experience. Gracious  hospitality and service  is complemented by the friendly caring nature and gentle ways of Thai people, adding a uniquely Thai touch to world-class service and hospitality. Kindness and compassion, combined with the act of comforting and caring for others as advocated by Theravada Buddhist tradition, is very much a part of everyday life; a gesture that is instinctive, as well as genuine. Many of the healing techniques and well-being therapies featured on spa menus have been adopted and adapted from such practices.

These include natural healing, a tradition based on the healing power of indigenous herbs and plants including holistic remedies specially formulated to restore balance while rejuvenating mind, body and spirit, as well as a variety of other healing techniques, including meditative practices reflecting deep-rooted Buddhist influences. For example, the act of performing traditional Thai Massage is considered to be an act of compassion in which the healer (or therapist) practices the physical application of metta (loving kindness), bestowing a healing touch in the spirit of giving, starting with an initial prayer. The Thai spa experience thus enables guests to experience various aspects of ‘Thainess’. Thailand excels in the quality and diversity of its spa offerings. Thai spas really do ‘have it all’; variety and value framed in a perfect blend of Western leisure concepts and traditional Asian wellbeing therapies. Value for money is simply an added bonus for you.