Thai Massage for Health and Wellness

 Cr :  Image courtesy of Opium Spa

When you come to Thailand, one activity that helps you improve your health and wellness is to get Thai Massage. Thai Massage or Traditional Thai Massage is a type of massage in Thailand, which is the treatment of healing and therapeutic medicine of Thailand since ancient period, and found in the record since Sukhothai and Ayutthaya period that has passed this knowledge from generation to generation.

The evidence that we can find these days is at Wat Pho, a famous attraction of Reclining Buddha, was recorded as the first university of Thailand and the first traditional Thai Massage School, which found in King Rama III in Rattanakosin period, the temple was known as the center of various of knowledge such as Medicine, Healing, Ayurveda, Yoga and Massage and we can see the painting demonstration of those knowledges on the wall and statues of posture around the temple.

The emphasis in the press rolls bending, pulling and squeezing combined with Yoga technique which is known by its common name "Ancient Massage" or “ Nuad Pan Boran” by evidence that massage in Thailand has been influenced by the traditional medicine of India for more than 25,00 years, and believed that the first person who practiced and gave healing was Shivago Komarpaj, the private personal physician of Buddha. Then it was developed and revised to be compatible with Thai culture and Thai lifestyle is known as Thai Massage.

The benefits of Thai Massage are plenty like relieve tension, improve blood circulation, reduce muscle and back pain, stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, calm the nervous system, boost energy and more. This service is available at tourist attractions from all five-star hotels, spas, massage shops or Thai massage schools where professional therapists get well trained from certified institutes. Thai Massage gains interest from people around the world and there are more people come to Thailand to learn Thai Massage regularly.

If you have a chance to visit Thailand, do not miss to experience Thai Massage that helps you improve your health and wellness or you can find this service in our Wellness Travel Packages which provide this treatment at our partner retreats in Thailand.