Thai Herbal Drinks for Wellness

Thailand is known as the country that has hot weather all year round, the hottest period is during March and April, for this period the temperature may reach more than 40 degrees Celsius. This time is the best time to visit beaches and islands as the sky is bright and the water is clear that is perfect time for swimming and snorkeling or doing outdoor activities. Thailand has many beautiful beaches and islands to offer from the east to the south for visitors to relax and enjoy during their holidays.

As the weather in this season is so hot, people try to find the way to stay cool. Besides heading to the beaches or staying in air-condition places, another way that can help and make you get refreshment is finding some cool drinks to make you feel fresh and cool, but some drinks contain too much sugar and less benefit of ingredients, thus we have another choice of drinks which have much benefit that are made from different kind of herbs and fruits; we would like to recommend some Thai herbal drinks that you can find at stores, restaurants, hotels or spas, and some places have them as welcome drinks for visitors. Here are some Thai herbal drinks that are popular and have plenty of benefits;

Chrysanthemum juice - Chrysanthemum is easily found in grocery stores or at the markets. This type of beverage can solve the thirst. Also has a mild laxative and reduce the risk of invisible at night, nourishing the liver, helping to expel the intestines. And can also help relieve rheumatoid arthritis.

Roselle juice - Roselle contains lots of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vitamin C, this red herbal dink can help urinate and evacuate, reduce kidney stones, contain substances that help reduce bad fat and increase good fat in blood vessels, increase flexibility in blood vessels, reduce the risk of broken capillaries. It also has properties to relieve cough and reduce fever as well.

Pandanus juice - Pandan juice is not only refreshing the body, but also helps relax from its aromatic scent. In addition, it has properties to cure fatigue, improve heart to function normally and help balance the body as well. We can get its natural green color for making dessert or use their leaves for decoration.

Lemongrass juice - Lemongrass contains vitamins A, so it helps nourish the eyes. In addition, has calcium and phosphorus to nourish bones and teeth, expel blood pressure and help to reduce toxicity of impurities in the body. And it is the key ingredient in famous Thai food like Tom Yum Kung.

Bael fruit juice – Bael fruit juice is made from dried fruit, it is a drink of the ancient people so it rather hard to find in general places, but may be found in herbal stores. The properties of Bael fruit can solve diarrhea, improve appetite and contribute to digestion.

When you come to Thailand, do not miss trying one of those Thai Herbal Drinks; it is not only delicious but it helps to enhance your wellness as well.