Thai Herb in Wellness

In Thailand we have plenty of herbs to use and consume, as located in South East Asia with tropical weather so there are many kinds of plants and herbs are used in various purposes such as for foods, drinks, medicines, cosmetic, and treatments. Thais know how to use herbs in daily life and healthcare for a long time. It has been inherited from generation to generation.

Most of Thai food has herbs as key ingredient, for example: Tom Yam Koong and Tom Kha Kai, they have Galanga, Lemongrass, Kaffir lime leave and Lime as key ingredients. These herbs are good for health and improve immuse system. And recently study from Mahidol University found that one kind of Thai curry named “ Kaeng Leang” is qualified to reduce cancer cells with good result. This curry has many kinds of plants and herbs like pumpkin, mushroom, gourd, basil but no coconut milk, it is like clear soup full of vegetables and it is believed that it is good for woman who just gives birth because it helps to increase breast milk. Furthermore, still has more Thai foods that use herbs as ingredient.

Herbs are also applied widely in Spa treatments and Spa products. For example, they use Cassumunar ginger and tamarind for scrub treatment, using turmeric, papaya and honey for mask treatment, and use many kinds of herbs in herbal compress for massage and sauna. These treatments are good for your skin to improve your natural beauty.

Even in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, herbs are key ingredients in drugs and traditional healthcare. Thais use herbs as home remedy like Aloe vera is beneficial for antibacterial, healing sore and burns. Coriander is beneficial for reducing blood pressure and improve immune system. Cinnamon is beneficial for antioxidants and decrease blood pressure. Sacred Basil is beneficial for maintaining oral health, reducing inflation, lowering stress and anxiety. For those benefits of herbs are used extensively in traditional medicine and healthcare for centuries.

If you have a chance to visit Thailand, do not miss trying on some herbs that are in various items like Thai foods, herbal drinks, spa treatments and more; the benefits of herbs is great to help you improve your health and beauty, or book one of our wellness travel packages providing treatments and activities combined with herbs to help you achieve your wellbeing goals .