Fruit Paradise for fruit lovers

As Thailand is an agricultural country that can plant many kinds of vegetables and fruits over the Kingdoms, we have fruits available all year round depending on the seasons and regions, the famous fruits of Thailand are mango, mangosteen, durian, longan, rambutan, pineapple, pomelo, coconut and more. We have fruits to consume in country and export to overseas. Thai fruits are famous for their taste and deliciousness.

For this season, the fruits that are available are mango, durian, rambutan, and mangosteen. The major region that plants these fruits is at eastern of Thailand in Chantaburi and Rayong province, next to Pattaya City in Chonburi province - the well-known tourist attraction of Thailand.

There will be activities for fruit lovers such as orchard tour, fruit buffet, fruit-eating competition and more. Visitors can eat and buy fresh fruit from the orchard. These activities will be held once a year during fruit season. It is a good time for fruit lovers to explore and consume fruit as much as they can.

Fruit is good for health as it contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and it is immune to our body system. We should consume various fruit not only one kind so that we can take different vitamins that are in each kind of fruit. But be aware of consuming some kind of fruits too much that may affect who has diabetes due to the sugar in fruit. However, many studies have found that consuming fruit get more benefit than loss.

In some foods and desserts, fruits are an ingredient and add flavor.  For Thai food, we always have fruits as the key ingredient such as coconut milk to make curry, mango to make mango-sticky rice as dessert, and are the ingredient in cake and ice cream etc.

If you come to Thailand this time, you can see many kinds of fruit almost everywhere. It is the perfect time for fruit lovers to explore your favorite fruits at the fruit paradise in Thailand.