15 The Hermit’s Body Twist or Thai Hermit Yoga

The Hermit Exercises posture or Ruesi Datton is the wisdom of Thai ancestors for a long time and has been practiced as part of Traditional Thai Massage. The Ruesi Datton is a physical exercise of Thai people Which focuses on practicing breath and focusing concentration both physical and mental management as well as helping in the treatment of primary illnesses. Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine have selected 15 basic Ruesi Datton postures to be used in starting a practice. If people practice regularly, it will promote health and can prevent the disease as well.

The benefits of posture exercise Ruesi Datton

1. To help the natural movements of arms, legs or joints to be flow with emphasis on massage. Some positions will include pressing or massage as well.
2. Improve blood circulation that will bring energy and freshness to body
3. Against disease, maintain health for a long life
4. Combine with meditation, it helps to lift the mind from frustration, irritability, lethargy, disillusionment, stress, and improves the efficiency of breathing if correct breathing is practiced.

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The local wisdom of health and wellness can be experienced throughout Thailand

Local wisdom holds a highly respected place in communities of all sizes throughout Thailand, employing knowledge and traditions that are faithfully passed on from generation to generation. It’s applied in various areas of everyday life, including health and wellness. Particular locations or attractions are often renowned for a certain expertise or wisdom; such as, the following in each of the kingdom’s five regions.

Central Region – Abhaibhubejhr Day Spa and Museum in Prachin Buri
Prachin Buri province is known for its herbal plants and traditional Thai medicines, and is often referred to as Thailand’s herbal city. A lot about medical local wisdom can be learned here and an interesting place to start is the Abhaibhubejhr Thai Herbal Medicine Museum which – much as its name suggests – is dedicated to preserving and showcasing traditional Thai medicine knowledge.

The Northeast – Buddhist Meditation Retreats
Those interested in doing a Buddhist meditation retreat may choose to do so at a temple in Northeast Thailand. Many of the monasteries in the Northeast fall under the Thai forest tradition, in which monastics aim to live as closely to how the Buddha lived as possible. Hallmarks of this tradition include living in the forest, using the human body as a meditation subject and maintaining mindfulness in all activities.

The South – Ranong Hot Springs
Ranong’s hot springs have long been reputed for their medicinal properties and this, together with their rustic outdoor appeal, see them continue to draw both foreign and Thai visitors. The springs, of which the closest are a convenient 2 kilometres from Ranong town in Raksawarin Park, are probably the most popular attraction in the surrounding area.

Source :Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thai Herbal Drinks for Wellness

Thailand is known as the country that has hot weather all year round, the hottest period is during March and April, for this period the temperature may reach more than 40 degrees Celsius. This time is the best time to visit beaches and islands as the sky is bright and the water is clear that is perfect time for swimming and snorkeling or doing outdoor activities. Thailand has many beautiful beaches and islands to offer from the east to the south for visitors to relax and enjoy during their holidays.

As the weather in this season is so hot, people try to find the way to stay cool. Besides heading to the beaches or staying in air-condition places, another way that can help and make you get refreshment is finding some cool drinks to make you feel fresh and cool, but some drinks contain too much sugar and less benefit of ingredients, thus we have another choice of drinks which have much benefit that are made from different kind of herbs and fruits; we would like to recommend some Thai herbal drinks that you can find at stores, restaurants, hotels or spas, and some places have them as welcome drinks for visitors. Here are some Thai herbal drinks that are popular and have plenty of benefits;

Chrysanthemum juice - Chrysanthemum is easily found in grocery stores or at the markets. This type of beverage can solve the thirst. Also has a mild laxative and reduce the risk of invisible at night, nourishing the liver, helping to expel the intestines. And can also help relieve rheumatoid arthritis.

Roselle juice - Roselle contains lots of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vitamin C, this red herbal dink can help urinate and evacuate, reduce kidney stones, contain substances that help reduce bad fat and increase good fat in blood vessels, increase flexibility in blood vessels, reduce the risk of broken capillaries. It also has properties to relieve cough and reduce fever as well.

Pandanus juice - Pandan juice is not only refreshing the body, but also helps relax from its aromatic scent. In addition, it has properties to cure fatigue, improve heart to function normally and help balance the body as well. We can get its natural green color for making dessert or use their leaves for decoration.

Lemongrass juice - Lemongrass contains vitamins A, so it helps nourish the eyes. In addition, has calcium and phosphorus to nourish bones and teeth, expel blood pressure and help to reduce toxicity of impurities in the body. And it is the key ingredient in famous Thai food like Tom Yum Kung.

Bael fruit juice – Bael fruit juice is made from dried fruit, it is a drink of the ancient people so it rather hard to find in general places, but may be found in herbal stores. The properties of Bael fruit can solve diarrhea, improve appetite and contribute to digestion.

When you come to Thailand, do not miss trying one of those Thai Herbal Drinks; it is not only delicious but it helps to enhance your wellness as well.

Why Wellness is vital in this era!

“Wellness” this word has more meaning but in general it is involved in health, body and mind with the purpose of everybody to live a balanced and fulfilling life with happiness.

As the definition from The World Health Organization (WHO);
" Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

We are now in the modern life surrounded with high technologies that make our lives more convenient and easier than the past, our life style has changed a lot and fast. From getting up in the morning until go to bed at night, we have to get involved in technology, the easiest thing that we can see is most people using smartphone to communicate for daily life, working or doing business. We can order or buy anything from anywhere just only a few clicks and those things are delivered to our front door without going out shopping like before. Some may lose their jobs to robots and more businesses are closed – these changes have impacted to our life and lead to have some symptoms like stress, anxiety, and following with more symptoms that may cause to serious diseases in the future. These problems may affect to our health, mind and society.

People these days hardly do any movement, easily gain weight, eating bad food and have bad sleeping. We can start the day to gain wellness by ourselves at home like doing meditation about 10-15 minutes after waking up in the morning to calm and fulfill our mind, do yoga session or short walking to gain movement and refreshment, or we may attend wellness programs at the retreats which are designed to accomplish our needs to help us achieve wellness goals.

Either way is good to help us balance a life to bring us confidence, good health and happiness to live happily in this fast changing world.

Time for Relaxation

Cr :  Image courtesy of Amatara Resort and Wellness


We are now in December, the last month of the year. It is time for many people to get ready to relax and celebrate. Some plan their holidays and start traveling with friends or families. Some may plan to treat themselves at wellness retreats where provide treatments that meet their interests.

As Thailand is one of the leading destinations for vacation. We have many beautiful attractions to make you enjoyable. The weather in this month is so wonderful for visiting Thailand. If you like to visit the mountains, heading to the North is the best choice, there are popular places to explore such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, and Mae Hong Son or you like to visit the beaches, heading to the South is also good choice to visit Phuket, Samui, Krabi and Phangna, furthermore, at the East such as Koh Samed, Koh Chang, and Koh Lan, these islands are also popular and have the beautiful beaches awaiting you to explore and relax as well.

Wellness Travel is a good holiday for those who want to take care of themselves, as people these days are more concerned with their looks and health. There are many retreats provide various treatments to serve the need of guests. Thailand is recognized as a top wellness destination that offers quality retreats and treatments in Asia. Each retreat offers particular treatments which give good results and benefits at reasonable cost.

As this month is also the time for celebration, many places like Hotels, Department stores, Restaurants or other public places will organize special events providing many entertainments and beautiful decorations to attract visitors. We welcome you to have a wonderful memory and relaxation in the land of beauty and diversity.  For this happy season, at WTT, we and our partners wish you happiness and success for this coming Christmas and New Year 2019.