Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving in Thailand

In this season, we have various fruits coming in the market to consume, and fruits are also brought to make of food or dessert or carving for decoration on the dish to make it more interesting and beautiful.

The history of fruit and vegetable carving in Thailand can get back to Sukhothai period for more than 700 years according to the record that found in the book of Noppamas or Tao Sri Chulalak, the high royal lady in the Sukhothai period who invented beautiful floating lantern or Kratong for the royal tradition in a twelfth month in lunar calendar under the full-moon night or well-known as Loy Kratong festival. She could make Kratong more beautiful than others by using colorful flowers, petals, craved vegetable and fruit to decorate Kratong to make it more beautiful and elegant.

In the Rattanakosin period, His Majesty King Rama II composed many literary works that mentioned about the beauty of vegetable and fruit carving in food and dessert, and also found in many literary works from many authors. The women in the palace have learned in many traditional works such as arts, cooking, garland making, carvings and manners that inherit them together until their grandchildren.

At present, it is offered in many institutions such as schools, universities and culinary schools. Vocational Training School of Bangkok and The Training Center of Bangkok have this art as a course for learning and developing into career and business. Fruit and vegetable carving is also a skill to practice, the leaner must be patient, calm and concentrate on their work with creativity and adapted into various designs as desired. Thus, carvings are valuable and reserved to the successor to the descendants.

Furthermore, government and private sectors have encouraged and developed this kind of art to be as national heritage, carving has become an invention to show the beauty of Thai tradition and art on the dining table to welcome foreign guests in the hotels, restaurants, cruises, and conventions. The art of carving is combined to create a beautiful, elegant and impressive work.

Fruit and Vegetable Carving are a cultural expression that is unique to Thailand. And foreigners can see the uniqueness of Thai art. If you want to practice and experience this authentic Thai culture you can make booking at this package - Bangkok Relaxed Wellness