15 The Hermit’s Body Twist or Thai Hermit Yoga

The Hermit Exercises posture or Ruesi Datton is the wisdom of Thai ancestors for a long time and has been practiced as part of Traditional Thai Massage. The Ruesi Datton is a physical exercise of Thai people Which focuses on practicing breath and focusing concentration both physical and mental management as well as helping in the treatment of primary illnesses. Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine have selected 15 basic Ruesi Datton postures to be used in starting a practice. If people practice regularly, it will promote health and can prevent the disease as well.

The benefits of posture exercise Ruesi Datton

1. To help the natural movements of arms, legs or joints to be flow with emphasis on massage. Some positions will include pressing or massage as well.
2. Improve blood circulation that will bring energy and freshness to body
3. Against disease, maintain health for a long life
4. Combine with meditation, it helps to lift the mind from frustration, irritability, lethargy, disillusionment, stress, and improves the efficiency of breathing if correct breathing is practiced.

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