The measurement to allow foreigners enter the kingdom to receive medical treatment in Thailand.

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The travellers have to prepare these documents and submit to the Thai Embassy in their country to get Certificate of Entry (COE)

1  Document or certificate from the hospital at their country stating the need for treatment. (medical tourists)
2  Document or certificate of hospital in Thailand confirming the acceptance of travellers to get medical treatment in the hospital for a period not less than 14 days (medical tourists)
3  Medical certificate confirming that the travellers have a Fit to Fly Health Certificate or according to the condition of moving medical patient and a medical certificate confirming that they have not been detected of Covid-19 within a period of 72 hours before departure
4  Documentary evidence showing that travellers can be responsible for medical expenses and all other expenses incurred during their stay in the country.
5  An insurance policy that covers the cost of health care and medical treatment of not less than US$100,000

Travellers have to submit all above documents and necessary documents to The Thai Embassy in their country to get approval for Certificate of Entry – COE

After approval, the embassy will send link of airlines and state quarantine list to travellers
The Thai Embassy will provide airlines and arrange safety measurement for travellers
Travellers can choose their state quarantine places from the link which provided by the Thai Embassy

When travellers arrive in Thailand

There will be screening for symptoms and fever, and they must travel by medical vehicle only
Have a tracking system or install the application as required by the government to monitor the symptoms during the quarantine
There will be Covid-19 test during their quarantine


This time allows for medical travellers only
Travellers have to prepare all necessary documents first and submit to the Thai Embassy for approval
Do not book any flight or hotel by yourself, you have to wait for approval to get Certificate of Entry
After approval you have to wait for the link of airlines and state quarantine list which provided by the Thai Embassy only
If you have any questions please contact the Thai Embassy in your country for clarification

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