Procedure of Special Tourist Visa (STV)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified the conditions for applying for Special Tourist Visa (STV) application for foreigners entering the country.
Thailand’s Ministry of Interior has officially announced the special tourist visa scheme for long-staying visitors, as part of the plans to revive the country’s tourism industry while maintaining effective COVID-19 control and prevention measures.

This special tourist visa scheme comes into effect from 30 September, 2020 and will be available for one year, until 30 September, 2021.

The STV visa applicant's first priority, it must be a foreigner from a country with low risk from the spread of COVID-19, according to the National Medical and Public Health Organization. For those who are not Thai nationalities enter the Kingdom as specified by the Ministry of Health.

By allowing foreigners to apply for a Special Tourist Visa for staying in Thailand for 90 days and extending their stay for another 90 days twice, effective from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021.

Eligible visitors will be charged a visa fee of 2,000 THB to stay in the Kingdom for 90 days.

The application for the aforementioned visa consists of 2 parts:

Part 1 is to submit documents for a Certificate of Entry (COE) (proof of payment, Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) or Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) and Health insurance which cover COVID-19 of at least USD100,000

Part 2 is to apply for the STV visa, which must provide the following evidences:

(1) Proof of payment of ASQ or AHQ for at least 14 days
(2) Proof of payment for accommodation in full throughout the period of stay in Thailand or evidence of ownership, purchase or lease of a condominium or residence.
(3) A Thai health and accident insurance policy which should cover the entire period of stay in Thailand; In-patient 400,000 THB / Outpatient 40,000 THB
(4) Health insurance which cover COVID-19 of at least USD 100,000

In addition, on the date of their entry into the Kingdom, STV visa holders must present a COVID-Free medical certificate up to 72 hours prior to departure. And a doctor's certificate, Fit to Fly, which is a procedure before traveling to Thailand.

The special tourist visa cannot be changed to other types of visa, and the permission as well as the extension will be considered in accordance with the rules and regulations by the Immigration Bureau.