TAT & Locanation launch ‘ASQ Paradise’ hotel bookings platform

Bangkok -The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Thailand-based Locanation Company Limited today jointly launch the newly-developed website under the ‘ASQ Paradise’ project to provide arriving foreign visitors with world-class information regarding standards for quarantine and control at Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotels located around Thailand.

TAT Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business, Ms. Thapanee Kiatphaibool, said, “TAT’s collaboration for the ‘ASQ Paradise’ project emphasises the strength of Thailand’s tourism infrastructure even as the country is in the grip of the global pandemic crisis. TAT sees an opportunity during this crisis to show other aspects of our tourism potential to the world. Not only do we retain our outstanding hospitality and travel services, but also the highest possible standards for pandemic control and quarantine.”

The website, available in English and Chinese languages, provides a 360-degree pre-entry quarantine service platform that offers services ranging from room reservations to information related to individual travel to Thailand and other services.

Currently, the website features 107 participating ASQ hotels in Thailand, offering quarantine packages ranging from 27,000 Baht to 220,000 Baht for the two-week period at hotels in the three to five-star range. All hotels join the platform are required to pass rigid standards set by the Ministry of Public Health.

TAT is also creating activities to support the ASQ Paradise Project by offering special online shopping opportunities for quarantined tourists. The tourists will also receive an exclusive ‘Happy DIY Set’ with premium products from five Thai tourism communities around the country with delivery co-ordinated by the ASQ Club Thailand.

TAT will also launch an official LINE account in Chinese and English languages to provide information and reply to questions to quarantined tourists.

For more information on the ASQ Paradise Project and ASQ hotels located around Thailand, visit

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Procedure of Special Tourist Visa (STV)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified the conditions for applying for Special Tourist Visa (STV) application for foreigners entering the country.
Thailand’s Ministry of Interior has officially announced the special tourist visa scheme for long-staying visitors, as part of the plans to revive the country’s tourism industry while maintaining effective COVID-19 control and prevention measures.

This special tourist visa scheme comes into effect from 30 September, 2020 and will be available for one year, until 30 September, 2021.

The STV visa applicant's first priority, it must be a foreigner from a country with low risk from the spread of COVID-19, according to the National Medical and Public Health Organization. For those who are not Thai nationalities enter the Kingdom as specified by the Ministry of Health.

By allowing foreigners to apply for a Special Tourist Visa for staying in Thailand for 90 days and extending their stay for another 90 days twice, effective from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021.

Eligible visitors will be charged a visa fee of 2,000 THB to stay in the Kingdom for 90 days.

The application for the aforementioned visa consists of 2 parts:

Part 1 is to submit documents for a Certificate of Entry (COE) (proof of payment, Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) or Alternative Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) and Health insurance which cover COVID-19 of at least USD100,000

Part 2 is to apply for the STV visa, which must provide the following evidences:

(1) Proof of payment of ASQ or AHQ for at least 14 days
(2) Proof of payment for accommodation in full throughout the period of stay in Thailand or evidence of ownership, purchase or lease of a condominium or residence.
(3) A Thai health and accident insurance policy which should cover the entire period of stay in Thailand; In-patient 400,000 THB / Outpatient 40,000 THB
(4) Health insurance which cover COVID-19 of at least USD 100,000

In addition, on the date of their entry into the Kingdom, STV visa holders must present a COVID-Free medical certificate up to 72 hours prior to departure. And a doctor's certificate, Fit to Fly, which is a procedure before traveling to Thailand.

The special tourist visa cannot be changed to other types of visa, and the permission as well as the extension will be considered in accordance with the rules and regulations by the Immigration Bureau.


Thailand tops the list of the world’s safest destinations during COVID-19

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Bangkok, 19 August, 2020 – Thailand has topped the list of the world’s safest destinations to visit during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, according to a study by Germany-based travel company Tourane.

Thailand was considered the world’s safest travel destination during the COVID-19 pandemic based on various criteria including the 14-day notification rate of new COVID-19 cases and deaths per the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), International Health Regulations score, population density of the country, hours of sunshine per day for outdoor activities, and flight connections with Germany.

Thailand recorded a low number of COVID-19 cases and was scored 85 for International Health Regulations. These coupled with moderate population density, at 135, and the hours of sunshine per day for outdoor activities, 6.6 hours, plus having the most number of direct flights with Germany have placed Thailand in the top spot.

Tourlane’s study was carried out on 26 July, 2020 (Sicherheitsexperte stellt Kriterien für sicheres Reisen trotz Corona vor).

As of today, Thailand has reported no new local COVID-19 cases for 86 days. So far, the Kingdom recorded a total of 3,382 COVID-19 cases, with 58 deaths.

Tourlane’s rating has added to recent accolades for Thailand during this time of difficulty. In late July, 2020, Thailand has ranked number one in the world out of 184 countries for its ongoing COVID-19 recovery effort, according to the Global COVID-19 Index (GCI).

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to remind all travellers that Thailand’s international airports and borders remain closed to international tourists for the time being. However, Thailand is ready to welcome back tourists again once the COVID-19 situation has improved.

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Thailand ranked number one on the Global COVID-19 Recovery Index

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Bangkok, 29 July, 2020 – Thailand has ranked number one in the world out of 184 countries for its ongoing COVID-19 recovery effort, according to the Global COVID-19 Index (GCI).

Published on 28 July, Thailand received an index score of 82.06, putting it on top of the global chart as an example of best practices in tackling the ongoing global pandemic.

As of today, the number of confirmed cases in Thailand stood at 3,298, with 129 currently being treated, while 3,111 have recovered and 58 have died.

South Korea ranked second with a recovery index of 81.09, followed by Latvia (80.81), Malaysia (79.37), Taiwan (78.94) and New Zealand (78.55). Australia, which used to be number one in previous months, fell to sixth, with a recovery index of 77.18.

In the previous GCI ranking published on 14 June, Thailand came in second for its COVID-19 recovery work among 184 nations across the globe.

The GCI bases 70 per cent of its calculation on big data and daily analysis from 184 countries, while the other 30 per cent comes from the Global Health Security Index, an assessment of global health security in 195 countries prepared by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security in the United States.


The measurement to allow foreigners enter the kingdom to receive medical treatment in Thailand.

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The travellers have to prepare these documents and submit to the Thai Embassy in their country to get Certificate of Entry (COE)

1  Document or certificate from the hospital at their country stating the need for treatment. (medical tourists)
2  Document or certificate of hospital in Thailand confirming the acceptance of travellers to get medical treatment in the hospital for a period not less than 14 days (medical tourists)
3  Medical certificate confirming that the travellers have a Fit to Fly Health Certificate or according to the condition of moving medical patient and a medical certificate confirming that they have not been detected of Covid-19 within a period of 72 hours before departure
4  Documentary evidence showing that travellers can be responsible for medical expenses and all other expenses incurred during their stay in the country.
5  An insurance policy that covers the cost of health care and medical treatment of not less than US$100,000

Travellers have to submit all above documents and necessary documents to The Thai Embassy in their country to get approval for Certificate of Entry – COE

After approval, the embassy will send link of airlines and state quarantine list to travellers
The Thai Embassy will provide airlines and arrange safety measurement for travellers
Travellers can choose their state quarantine places from the link which provided by the Thai Embassy

When travellers arrive in Thailand

There will be screening for symptoms and fever, and they must travel by medical vehicle only
Have a tracking system or install the application as required by the government to monitor the symptoms during the quarantine
There will be Covid-19 test during their quarantine


This time allows for medical travellers only
Travellers have to prepare all necessary documents first and submit to the Thai Embassy for approval
Do not book any flight or hotel by yourself, you have to wait for approval to get Certificate of Entry
After approval you have to wait for the link of airlines and state quarantine list which provided by the Thai Embassy only
If you have any questions please contact the Thai Embassy in your country for clarification

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